Tips In Choosing the Right Piano Teacher

Finding the right piano teacher can be easy, just as long as you know exactly what you are looking for. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right piano teacher. Taking these factors into account will help you avoid making wrong decisions, and choosing the right ones.

One of the things that you need to consider is the cost. You need to remember that paying for a piano teacher is definitely not like buying a can of soda. You need to understand that a certified professional and well-experienced teacher’s fee may not be the same as the young and inexperienced ones. Experienced teachers are recommended since they can be a coach, mentor, career counselor, advisor, and psychologist all at the same time. Aside from the cost, you also need to consider the location. Try to ask yourself whether the class is too far away from home, if it’s very inconvenient or costly to travel, or if there are ways to makes things easy and inexpensive. If you don’t like frequent and long travels, then find the best ones that are near your location.

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Determine how the teacher can potentially help you achieve your goals. Does he have the remarkable talent to play the instrument and teach you play? Does he have what it takes to teach you and help you become the pianist that you’ve dreamed of? Do some research about the teacher and try to figure out if he has the character, knowledge, and experience to provide you with the results you expect and desire.

Finding the right teacher doesn’t always have to be all about the prospective teacher, but also about you. You need to learn what the teacher expects from you. You will know if you are dealing with a good teach if he expects you to make a commitment. The teacher should teach you to be committed in learning how to play piano and use your potentials. You need to allocate a specific amount of time for piano playing, and avoid making too many changes in your schedule. You need to offer a firm time commitment even before you are able to choose a teacher.

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Also make sure that you choose a teacher you understand, or one who speaks the same language as you do. It is similarly important that you evaluate the studio, and see if you belong there. Check if there are some noises such as dog barking or inconveniences such as a neighbor down the hall who can potentially jeopardize your entire learning experience.

There are other things that you need to consider such as the goal of the entire school or the teacher for their students, or if they offer some customized lessons to satisfy the unique needs to all students. Make sure that you consider the factors discussed above, especially those that are personally beneficial for you. There are many competitive and highly talented teachers out there, and you just need to determine what kind of teacher you are looking for.

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Piano Hand and Body Postures

One of the most interesting topics that I normally teach to my students, and probably the first lessons that they should learn  about, is the hand and body posture. I have two articles here that discusses the ways to stop scooching and the best hand position while playing the piano. I thought these posts would be a great addition here since students should be able to practice correct posture and hand positioning from the very start of their piano playing experience. I hope you find this helpful!

4 Ways To Stop The Piano Student Scooch: Teaching Kids To Reach, Not Slide | Teach Piano Today

I’m guessing you know what I mean by “The Piano Student Scooch”… It’s that moment when your piano student needs to reach up or down an octave (or two) from where they are positioned and instead of reaching, they pause, take a moment to slide along the bench, and then resume playing.

It’s cute when they’re 5 and at their first recital, but as your piano student matures, it’s important for them to gain the confidence they need to remain centered on the piano… without any “scooching”.

I like to make most discussions about technique, posture, hand position etc. into some sort of game. My students retain it better and then I can use fun language to remind them of what needs to be adjusted in the future rather than using boring old nagging-type words.

I have always believed in the importance of following the correct hand position when one is just starting to learn how to place the piano. If you have already been used to practicing the wrong hand position, it can take too much time and effort to correct the mistake. This is why the relevance of using the best hand position should not be overlooked. Anyway, please check out this post:

The Best Hand Position to Start Playing the Piano Piano-Yoga

When people start playing the piano, it is very important to explain to them the way they are supposed to hold their hands. If they do not know about it, the chances are that they would tend to hold them incorrectly, which, in turn, will slow down their progress on the instrument. The challenge that the player immediately faces is continuously and consciously holding the hand in a position which might initially feel very strange and uncomfortable (we were not simply born to play the instrument!). However after 2 – 3 weeks, if one is consistent, holding the hand correctly will become second nature.

When playing the piano, it is good to perceive the hand as an independent object which is supposed to perform various functions.

 I hope you find this post helpful. I want you to know that I will be posting more articles here about correct hand posture in the coming days, so please don’t hesitate to come back.

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What Makes Piano Playing Beneficial In Children

Being a parent is not at all easy, but it makes everything in life worth living for. Having children, for many people, is a gift, a blessing that they cherish forever. Guiding kids to the right path is extremely important for many parents. This is why there are those who help their kids discover their greatest potentials during their early stages of life. Parents help their kids discover their talents in dancing, singing, or playing instruments such as piano.

There are several advantages in letting children engage in music activities such as piano playing. One is that it helps them discover and improve their natural creative abilities. If you are familiar with the music “The SingingLife of Birds” from Donald Kroodsma’s book, you will see what I mean. In the song, it tells about the ability of a songbird to have unique songs, but the same song bird started as a baby taught by his parents to sing the song of the family. Children can be taught how to compose their own songs once they have already developed their skills.

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Encouraging children to play piano also allows them to develop their natural learning process. According to studies, children have this inherent gift of easily learning new languages even when they start at a very young age. Teaching them how to play piano equate to helping them follow directions, think critically, scan written materials, and translate writing into action. Piano playing also motivates children to maintain their focus and achieve their goals.

Piano lessons often provide them with specific goals they need to achieve. Every new piece of music requires students to learn how to play piano, observe good habits, and practice a specific set of skills. This allows them to understand the importance of practicing good habits in order to achieve their goals.

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Courage is one of the many things that children should be taught to build, and through piano playing, this can be developed. Piano playing allows kids to accept challenges such as perform in front of others or learn a difficult song. They are taught of the importance of having a positive outlook despite of some difficulties. This can be highly beneficial to children, especially when then are able to handle stress. It will eventually help them manage things better later in life. Piano playing also teaches children the value of perseverance. One of the most important lessons in making accomplishments is to simply not give up on something. Piano playing allows children to try and try until they succeed. It is a fun and enjoyable way of dealing with failures, and making them a success.

If you are having second thoughts is sending your children to a piano school, just consider the benefits of doing it. Bear in mind that children tend to be very sharp during their tender years, and it is probably one of the best times to help them discover their greatest potentials. Music is also therapeutic, so children can grow healthy mentally and physically.

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The Best Piano Teacher For The Young And Old

One of the most important things that piano beginners need to have is a diligent and great teacher. There are many competitive music teachers nowadays, but it can be difficult to really know which one of them is the best. If you are looking for some tips on how to choose the right teacher, then you’re on the right page.

The best piano teacher is one that has the ability to put people at ease, and create an environment where students can freely exchange their ideas about music. This means you should avoid  teachers who resemble those in the movies who do nothing but terrorize their students. It is similarly important that you choose a teacher that is organized and has the ability to motivate students. Bear in mind that without motivation, you will have difficulties in making progress and going back to the right track after some setbacks.

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The teacher should have the ability to create and use strategies that can help students stay motivated in practicing, listening, expressing, and creating. These strategies may include the use of analogies, illustrations, games, exercises, and demonstrations.

A teacher should have the impressive ability to both play piano and teach it. When a teacher is good at playing piano, there is no doubt that he can produce good piano players. Having a great teaching skill is similarly important, since it is how information or knowledge is passed on from the teacher to the student. When the teacher has an amazing piano playing and teaching skills, you are more likely to make progress in your musical journey. The teacher should have the genuine intention to provide help and guidance. Students should be treated with respect, and be corrected with their mistakes without undue offense.

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You should also look for a piano teacher who has the capacity to adjust and make lessons based on your learning skills, ability, and goals. This is especially important if you have certain learning needs that should be satisfied, or you are in a situation that requires the teacher to adjust. Teachers are responsible for giving you the musical education you need, and you would get the worth of the money you pay for when you find this kind of teacher.

Do not forget to find a teacher that can make your entire learning experience fun. The element of fun is essential in many learning processes because without it, the entire experience can be susceptible to boredom. When students are bored, their minds can wander, and thus, this results in unproductive learning sessions. Make sure that you find a teacher with the ability to provide lessons in effective and enjoyable ways.

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